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Don’t worry, you are not alone! We took the questions we are asked every day about the
BANK CONSULTING BUSINESS and put them in this section to help you better understand our program and business opportunity. If at any time you have additional questions, or you feel that you are ready to take the next step in changing your life, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and speak to one of our representatives.




Yes, our system includes all the ideas you need to implement solutions in your clients business. The system shows you the different type of solutions and ideas to implement for clients. It offers you the very solutions to use, and instructional guide on how to implement these in your clients’ businesses. This is your “consulting business in a box” package. Complete with everything you need to operate, with nothing left for you to figure out at any stage.

The system is designed in such a way that it includes letters and ads you need to attract clients to buy your services in the first place.

After the clients has paid for your service, you have all the agreements, forms, and materials you need to deal with the client step by step.

From the very first step of your dealings with clients to the very last stage of implementing solutions for clients, there are materials that you need to use at each stage. And the materials for each stage also comes with specific instruction of what to do and how to use each resource.

Just like the testimonials on our site, this is definitely going to be the most structured consulting business system you will ever find at such a low price. Consulting business systems and franchises that are priced at $300,000 dont even have a system as complete, structured, comprehensive and all-encompassing as what you get in our system.

With trade exchange, the support never ends. In addition to our monthly newsletters, periodic mailings, updates and online remote training sessions, if you have need of help, advice or suggestions in client acquisition or in how to help a client solve a particular problem or challenge, assistance is available

Whether you choose to operate out of an office or your home is a personal choice. Because most of your client interaction will be done at your client’s places of business or over the telephone, there is virtually no need for a formal office. You should, however, have some type of secure and quiet place either at home or at another location, where you can converse on the telephone and operate your business without interruption.

trade exchange provides you with a complete library of references, software, templates and manuals that will lead you step by step through the client acquisition and consultation processes. In addition, you will receive other information, manuals and aids that will provide you with in-depth knowledge and ideas that you can use to further your practice. You can see more details of these resources at our website.

There are millions of businesses throughout the country that operate on a daily basis regardless of the competition they face or the economic conditions they find themselves in. Nearly every one of these businesses face similar challenges – they’re not realizing enough profits and/or the owners of the business are working too hard or too long in the business and they don’t have enough time for themselves. trade exchange Consultants offer a unique service unlike any other consulting or business coaching firms in that they offer services that can help their clients operate more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably on several levels. Because of that, trade exchange’s services are in high demand in any economic situation or competitive environment, and stand head and shoulders above any other consulting or business coaching service available.

The trade exchange Business Development System works for nearly any type of business in virtually any industry or profession. Depending on your experience and confidence levels, in the beginning stages of your consultancy you may be more comfortable working with small to medium sized businesses. However the ideal (and most profitable) trade exchange client will be businesses that:

  1. Have an annual turnover of $500,000 to $25,000,000.
  2. Have reached “sticking points” or stagnation in their growth.
  3. Their owners or managers either don’t know what to do to turn the situation around or they’re so busy working IN their business doing the day to day operational things, that they don’t have time to step back from their business and work ON it.
  4. They recognize that if they continue doing what they’ve been doing up until then they’ll continue getting the same results that they’re getting now.
  5. They know that in order to have a “breakthrough” in their business, they need a new or fresh perspective – an “outsider’s look” at the way they do things.
  6. They are already doing some kind of marketing; i.e., direct mail, telemarketing, sales force, radio, television, etc, but the methods they’re using are not producing the results they want, need or expect for the time, effort and money they are spending on it.

In summary, your ideal client is a business that has a need, the owner recognizes it but either doesn’t know what to do about it or doesn’t have the time to fix it, and that already has certain systems in place that can be made to work more effectively, efficiently and Profitably.

There are a number of very effective methods for gaining a prospect’s favorable attention and winning an interview. We have different models for you to use to start getting clients easily and quickly in the system. However, if you do an effective job for your clients and produce the results trade exchange’s methodologies are capable of, this question should only concern you for the first handful of clients. After that, you should be operating almost entirely by referrals.

Comfortable is a relative word. What is a comfortable income to one person may be basic subsistence to another, or it may be living high for someone else. If you work the trade exchange system correctly, you will only need (and have time for) 4 to 5 clients at any one time, and that should easily earn you a six to seven-figure income per month.


Success is a personal thing as everyone have their own definition of what it means to them. The Trade exchange opportunity gives you the ability to have both Time Freedom and Money Freedom. All the money in the world will do you little good if you don’t have the time to spend it, and likewise, you can have an abundance of available time, but if you are broke the time is of little value. With Trade exchange you can earn as much or as little as you want, and have the ability to set your own hours and working terms. Remember, if you have a business that can’t run without you being there, you don’t have a business. You have a job. Trade exchange makes having a business a reality.’

Yes and no. Because there are so many factors that are personal to the individual consultant and lie beyond the direct control of trade exchange, we cannot guarantee your success as a Business Development Consultant. However, we do guarantee that the trade exchange systems will work. They have been tested and proven in almost every kind of business and in nearly every type of industry and profession from the smallest of one-person enterprises, to the largest of corporations. The determining factor is not whether or not the trade exchange systems will work – it’s whether or not the consultant will work the systems as intended.

Yes, barter is also covered extensively. However, we also included materials on the most advanced form of barter trade that exist in this internet age.

The form of barter Jay Abraham refers to in his books is more of the medieval type of barter strategies with little twist like the triangulation of deals.

You don’t want to use those strategies because it is a lot of work, requires great deal of creativity at times and ultimately requires you persuading and eliciting the cooperation of people who may not have been predisposed to doing such deals in the first place.

However, the most sophisticated type of barter system is called trade exchange and corporate trade. It does not involve any sort of one on one, or three to one triangulation barter trade deals like what Jay talks about.

All it takes to get your clients to experience the benefits and solutions that Trade Exchange offers, is to first educate them about the application of the trade exchange solution to their exact business challenge or situation, and then, simply get them into a Trade Exchange. Everything would be taken care of by the Exchange.
With your mastery of the trade exchange concept, you can actually walk up to any business owner and CONFIDENTLY tell them that you can help them:

–Reduce their cash expenses by up to 90% without reducing expenditure items. In other words, you can help them get up to 90% DISCOUNT on all their purchases;

–Acquire assets/properties, and purchase different kinds of products/services without cash, to grow and expand their businesses

–Secure any amount of interest-free trade credit loan without collateral security in 24 hours

–Offset all the debts they owe individuals and organizations in one hour

–Dispose off 12 months projected inventory, slow-moving or surplus products in one hour, without marketing expenses or profit-reducing discount

–Recoup all the debts their customers owe their organization within 24 hour without legal hassles

–Expand their businesses without spending any of their cash reserve to do it and a lot of other solutions that you can actually offer, based on the trade exchange concept.

No serious business owner who hears that you can do these things for them will let you go without engaging your service. The only question they‘d need answers to, to be convinced that you can deliver on these claims and to engage your services is, “How will you do it?…..How does it work? etc”

Everything you need to give them the most convincing answers that would get them rushing and begging for your service is included in our system. Business owners will literally line up and practically beg to do business with you once you are adequately armed with the trade exchange concept and solution.

The fact is that, you can actually deliver on all the above promises and a lot more very quickly and easily without doing a single work yourself to deliver on them. All you need to offer your clients these solutions and benefits is to get them into World Trade Exchange platform.

The fact is, the benefits of the trade exchange concept when explained, will simply amaze and dazzle any business owner you speak with. And make them salivate for your service, if I MAY USE this slang.

With the various solutions we have included in this Trade exchange system, you would be personally excited to rush out to start informing businesses in your area about what you can offer them, because what you have to offer is not common. It’s simply REVOLUTIONARY!

In this internet age, a system without online strategies belongs to the dark ages… and must be peddling antiquated methodologies. A system that does not give you top notch, cutting edge, and up to date tools and information to enable you keep pace with the hyper dynamic nature of business and technology today, will make you deformed in your practice. To answer your question directly, YES, the Trade exchange system also offers some online strategies.

With our system you can start making money and be in positive cash flow even in your first week in business if you simply apply the simple instruction and business model in the FAST START REPORT. You can get prospects to call you to meet them in 24 hours and convert ‘some’ to clients after meeting them using the guideline in this FAST START report in this system. We have clients that have proven this point.

There is even a strategy in the system by which you can get over 100 clients calling immediately, so that you now have to be selective of who you want to present your service to.

After presenting your service, if you are prepared with a proposal using sample in the system, you could work out of a client’s office with a check in your hand as advance for your service within 24-72 hours using our guide. Assuming of course that you have other things already taken care of, like business registration, business bank account opening.

Fact is, there is no better consulting system to start your consulting business with than this system. Other systems may offer you the opportunity to start making good income within some months, but we say you can start making money within 24-72 hours using our system. If you can start your business and start getting paying clients within 24 hours using system A, why even consider system B that offers opportunity to get clients some months down the line, even with a lot of equivocation and probabilities and a long learning curve?

Even the guy that has a lot of money to wait some months for his business to start producing profit and positive cashflow, would still prefer the option of getting the system that offers positive cashflow and great income immediately for immediate investment of money, time and effort. This is the unique opportunity trade exchange consulting system offers you.

At every stage of the process , there are materials for you to present to respond to prospective clients and clients. So, to respond to this kind of hot question, all you have to do, is to bring out the proposal report that shows your services scope, plus your corresponding fees from our system. You can adjust the fees to what you like to charge, as you wish. Nothing is fixed. There are no rules, except the ones you make. This is your business, so you can set the rules, and terms of engagement by which you will do or not do business with any one.

Now, you have convinced a client that you can help them achieve the seemingly impossible. They have paid you to get started. What next? The really great thing about this system is that it offers you the exact solution and ideas to implement for your clients and how to implement them. Plus, every script to use for emails, phone calls, presentations where necessary etc.

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